Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Biggest Event Thus Far

I am glad be blogging on the biggest event yet for William Wilson Clothing.
I attended the SuperLX Super Bowl parties at the GLC Complex in Ybor City. That's great. But what's really cool is the man of the hour, former NFL linbacker Michael Barber, was wearing my clothes on the red carpet. When Michael decided to host the Diamonds and Pearl Gala, and the T-Pain 3-Ring Circus, he asked me to handle his clothing. It was a hit. Michael looked great, escorted by his lovely fiance' Kim, as he entertained the attendees with his winning smile, and "never-met-a stranger" charm.

Michael wore a black, 3- piece suit, with a white shirt and silver tie, adorned with black stripes for the gala. For the T-Pain event, he wore an amazing blue 3 button suit with a lilac shirt and lilac tie with purple stripes. Michael was definitely the best dressed man in the building. (sometimes I have to take a back seat and let my clients shine :-))
There were tons of celebrities there, including Dallas Cowboy superstar Felix Jones, Washington Redskin QB Jason Campbell, and actor Jeffery Wright.
This was indeed a huge event for me, and and helps solidify my position as Charlotte's hottest men's clothing provider.
We also made some new friends including one that's sure to become a huge name in the food community. Tampa area housewife and food connoisseur Leslie Green, better known as The Hungry Housewife is an up and coming food celebrity and was a huge hit at the Clubhouse. Her banana-nut , and red velvet muffins, and huge (like 1/4lb huge) chocolate cookies were a hit. Check out this rising star at I'm sure we'll be seeing more of her.
Well that's it for now. God Bless and dress well!

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  1. ohhhh...look at me I am famous already..standing inbetween the great men!
    Great post.