Thursday, February 12, 2009

Image is Everything

If you don't think everything you do affects your image, you are wrong! And there is no statute of limitations on it either. Think I'm wrong, just ask Chris Brown, Alex Rodriguez, and Michael Phelps.
Let hit them individually, shall we?

Chris Brown is one of the hottest performers on the R&B scene. He has it all; good looks, lots of money, a beautiful girlfriend (Rhianna), and his dream job. He even has (sorry HAD) an endorsement deal with Wrigley's Gum. Nut guess what, due to an alleged, domestic violence charge, his squeaky clean image has been tarnished, Wrigley's has "suspended" his deal, and if found guilty, millions of potential dollars and years of building a reputation will have been shot. What a waste.

Michael Phelps was on top of the world. He is one of the most recognizable figures in the world. A feat unto itself, considering swimming translates 3 levels lower than soccer in the US culture. But on the weekend of November 8th, the same weekend Arkansas played the Gamecocks, I remember seeing Michael Phelps at the game. Though I thought it was odd, I didn't think far beyond it. Well here we are 3 months later, an image from that weekend has emerged. And our beloved Mr. Phelps has been found out to be a pothead. Add that to the DUI he got not so long ago, and the golden one is starting to tarnish. 3 months later.

Then we have Mr. Rodriguez. He admitted he took steroids 5 YEARS AGO. FIVE YEARS!! He's gotten MVPs and tons of other awards since then. He's made about $125 million, gotten divorced, and thousands of high school juniors have now graduated COLLEGE since then. This can cost him most of all. This could cost him his place in the Hall of Fame.
You see, everything you do affects your image. And the more people that know you, the more you have to beware. I'm just starting to gain fame in my field. People are starting to know, and recognize me now. My reputation is starting to preceed me. I have to watch everything I do, now more than ever. Who knows the name of who Chris Brown allegedly assaulted, but his name is in the paper. Who gave Michael Phelps the "Buddha"? Don't know, but Michael is paying the price. Who shot A-Rod in the butt with steroids? Who knows, but I'm sure he's no Hall of Famer. Get the point. No one notices the little guy. The press wants the big fish, be careful which hooks you bite. Until next time...
God Bless and dress well,
William the Cothier

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