Saturday, March 7, 2009

If You Wear a Shirt, Wear a T-Shirt

Listen fellas. I know some of you aren't hip to the dress game, and some of you are. For those of you who are; you know this fact to be true. Never leave the house without a t-shirt.
A t-shirt is to be worn at all times. Whether you are wearing a dress shirt, golf shirt, or a t-shirt, you should always wear a t-shirt, or an a-shirt (otherwise known as a wife beater). An a-shirt should be worn when you wear a t-shirt.
A t-shirt serves a number of purposes. It allows the outer shirt to drape properly without getting that "static cling" look when it sticks to your body.
It also allows a white shirt, especially a white dress shirt, to look crisp an clean. It really looks disgusting when someone wears a white shirt with no t-shirt and their skin shows through the shirt.
It serves as a mild sweat buffer. The t-shirt will absorb the moisture and allow the shirt to continue to have proper drape.
Last, but definitely not least, it absorbs odor. The t-shirt will trap the odor causing bacteria and prevent you from smelling through your clothes.
I know some of you are saying, "t-shirts get really hot in the summer time, and they don't breath well. Well, here's the solution to that! You can buy a 100% polytester t-shirt, much like the material used in the Under Armour clothing. It is like weight, and breathes extremely well. You dont even feel it, and it dries remarkably fast.
I hope you will take heed and follow my advice on this. You will look better, look more professional , and you will look more like a gentlemen. Until next time...
God Bless and dress well,
William the Clothier

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