Friday, March 20, 2009

C.S.I.- Celebrity Stlye and Image "Chris Harris"

Greetings my fellow Imagarians! I have a treat for you. I'm starting a segment I call "C.S.I.-Celebrity Style and Image". The goal of CSI is to give you an inside look into the thoughts and styles of various celebrities. Celebrities will come from all walks of life; athletes, television personalities, and Corporate America.

Name: Chris Harris
D.O.B. Aug 6
Hometown: Little Rock, Ark
Resides: Charlotte, NC
College: University of Louisiana -MonroeOccupation: Safety- Carolina Panthers
Drafted: 7th pick in 6th round (Chicago Bears)
Trademark: His hat
Clothier Nickname: The Mad Hatter

Our debut celebrity is a homeboy of mine. NFL stud safety, Chris Harris, safety for the NFC South Champion, Carolina Panthers. Chris is regarded as one of the best defenders in the NFL. I can personally vouch, he is one of the smoothest, most stylish and down-to-Earth brothers you will ever meet. Chris is the type of athlete you would want your child to have as a role model.
Unlike some athletes in the news lately, Chris takes great pride in never getting into trouble. He doesn't avoid having fun, he does it responsibly. He's a people's athlete. What else do you expect. He's from Arkansas!

I sat down at lunch with Chris and he shared these thoughts with me.
WTC- How would you define your style?
Chris- I consider my style laid back. I don’t like baggy clothes, unless I’m in athletic clothes. I like to throw my hat on and hit the spot. I like to have swagger.
WTC- What is the one item in your closet that you would never get rid of?
Chris- my hats, because my hat game is official right now. I can’t get rid of my hats.

WTC- What is one fashion trend you wish would go away and stay gone?
Chris- Skinny jeans. I can’t stand skinny jeans.
WTC- What is your trademark, and how did it come to be your trademark?
Chris-my hats. I was watching a Donnell Jones video and I thought it looked good. I never thought a hat would look good on me, but one day I just said I’m gonna try it, and I went out and people liked it, so I just stuck with it.

WTC- What era in time like?
Chris- The 30s. I like the times when everybody was clean. They wore hats, and they wore suits everywhere. I like the look on Idewild (the movie), that's a good look.

WTC-How do you want people to think of you?
Chris- I want people to think, “He’s a pretty cool guy. He was very laid back. He talked to us like an everyday person”.

If you have someone in mind that you think would be a good feature for CSI- Celebrity Style and Image, please let me know via email at Who knows? Maybe they will get a feature about them. Until next time...

God Bless and dress well,
William the Clothier

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