Monday, March 2, 2009

Don't Button the Bottom Button

I don't believe I even have to post this. I really thought this was a given. You don't button the bottom button of your suit. Regardless of the number of buttons, you never, under any circumstances, button the bottom button. No only is it wrong, it just looks awkward.
Since some of you obviously don't know this, let me explain why. The botton button is to remain unbuttoned so the suit maintains a proper hang in the event that you have to put your hands in you pockets. Now I understand the current style for suits has dual side vents. Though this will still allow suits to hang well, even with the bottom button buttoned (say that fast), it is still improper.
It is also to give the suit proper leg room and drape as you walk. You ever notice how well a suit flows as a gentlemen walks across the room? It looks powerful, confident, and bold. This is a must if you want to maintain a image of success. So, if you see someone out and about in their suit with the bottom button buttoned (again, say that fast), do them a favor, and let them know this. Until next time....

God Bless and dress well,

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  1. Then the obvious question becomes why the fuck was the designer stupid enough to put a button there ... fashion is fickle. Do what you want, button it just because.

  2. i totally agree ha ha

  3. isn't the button to be buttoned when the wearer is, say, in a church? (i think there are others, that's just the one I remember)

  4. I button all the buttons on my suit unless sitting down. Only fat guy with pork bellies unbutton the bottom button as too prevent the button from snapping off and hitting some in the eyes.