Sunday, May 24, 2009

Image Starts With "I"

There is no I in team, or we. But there is in image. As a matter of fact, image begins with "I". There's no other way around it.
When many of us decide to change our image, we do a lot of exterior changes. We buy new clothes. We get a haircut. We join the gym. Some of us even go so far as to have plastic surgery. These are all definitely ways to change your image. But if you really want to make a real change, it has to start from within. It starts with you.
When people see your image, they see the outside presence of what you are inside. If you are confident, they will see confident. If you are shy, they will see shy. Whatever you are inside, will be reflected outside. So if you really want to implement change in your image, start with you. Find out things about yourself that you don't like and find ways to change them. Whether it's self esteem, lack of focus, being late, not listening, whatever it is, begin with that. You'd be amazed just how much you can improve your image but improving as a person.
Until next time...
God Bless and dress well.

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