Wednesday, April 8, 2009

There's No Substitute For Swagger

When you enter a building, people should notice it. People should recognize that you walked into the room. When you speak, people should listen. When you look, they should be looking back. You should exude a level of confidence and power that makes it virtually impossible to go unrecognized. Tis is called Swagger. There's no substitute for swagger.
Swagger is your inner confidence and strength personified in physical form. All great men have it, from Barack Obama and Denzel Washington, to Robert Di Nero and Bill Clinton. It's way you carry yourself at all times. It causes women to notice and men to respect. It allows you to speak without saying a word. It can say, "back off, you don't want any of this!", or it can say., "Come here baby, I'll keep you safe". It's that look that you give a woman that makes her weak in the knees, and the way you walk into a boardroom and change the minds of everyone there.
Swagger has to true definition, though many feel they know what it is; and they are right. Swagger is what you define it to be. But make no mistake; without swager, you are just another face in the crowd. It's your style, your mood, your presence. It personifies itself in your actions and your actions.
Swagger is the sexiest trait a man can have. It is the mark of a true Type-A personality. The Alpha Male has swagger. The wall flower does not. Swagger dates the prom queen, the wall flower watches them dance. Swagger gets the promotion, the wall flower reports to the swagger- bearer. Swagger is part of the cool crew, the wall flower does his homework. This is the difference between swagger and the wallflower. Respect of self. With no self respect, there is no street respect.
Now I hope you already know this, but in case you don't. Swagger is confident-not cocky, it's proud- not concieted, it's strong- not demeaning, it's powerful- not a bully. So please understand that just being a mean, loud, obnoxious idiot isn't swagger, it's ignorance. You look foolish to everyone around you. So don't be that guy.
When you have swagger, you dont have to walk softly and carry a big stick. You walk onfidently, and don't carry a stick at all. So remember this next time you walk into a room, or approach a person of importance. If you have no swagger, you're just another guy. Until next time...

God Bless and dress well,
William the Clothier

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